Adding 'terms and conditions' (T&Cs) to your entry form

NOV 2012

It's common to require that entrants accept your terms and conditions (T&Cs) when entering your event, you can set these up using the RiderHQ entry form builder so that entrants can easily read your terms and must accept them before submitting their entry, here's how:

First, in the entry form designer click the 'Explanation text' box to add some text to your entry form:

Paste in your terms and conditions text:
Now, back on the form builder, click the 'add checkbox control', put 'I accept the terms and conditions above' in the text, and ensure 'Mandatory' is ticked, so entrants have to tick the box in order to submit the form, you should end up with something like this:

(this is how it looks in the form designer preview screen, obviously the version users see won't have the edit controls!)