Accepting charitable donations and gift aid with the entry form designer

NOV 2012

You can use the our entry form builder to collect charitable donations along with entries, and also to gather the necessary information to reclaim gift aid on these donations, here's how:

First, we add the 'charitable donations' drop down, using the price adjustment feature, so that our entry form looks like this:
Gift Aid
If you are collecting on behalf of a registered charity based in the UK, you may be entitled to reclaim gift aid from UK tax payers, here are the HMRC gift aid guidelines. To collect this information via your entry form, first add a 'Multiple choice' question from the fields in the entry form builder:

Add 'I am eligible/not eligible' options and make the question mandatory - we've found it's a good idea to make this question mandatory as it forces the entrant to specify gift aid or not, if you make it optional some people who might have allowed you to reclaim gift aid will forget to tick the box, leaving you unable to reclaim the tax.

Finally, you should end up with a form that looks something like this: