Entry form builder: how to add optional questions

NOV 2012

Sometimes you want to make some of the questions on your entry form optional, now you can do this with 'conditional fields'. For example you might want:

  • To ensure that entrants who claim to be a member of an organisation provide a membership number
  • To only show the meal options if members opt for accommodation
Here's how to set up a conditional field that only appears if an entrant selects 'I am a BC member', first add an 'I am a BC member' checkbox to your entry form, using the entry form builder, then add a mandatory 'BC membership number' field (for help on adding entry form fields see our entry form builder article), your form should look like this:

Note that 'BC Membership number' is mandatory (asterisked), this means entrants have to fill it in in order to submit the form. Click the 'Add condition' link (circled) and you should see this:

Select 'I am a BC member' and click save, the 'BC membership number' field now disappears from the form:

But tick the box, and there it is!:

Anyone who ticks the 'BC Member' box, must now fill in their membership number before submitting the form.

This can be applied to any fields, for example you might make a warning or declaration conditional on a particular box being selected. You can make as many questions as you like dependent on what the user  has selected, you can even make a field conditional on another conditional field, for multi-level forms - but we'll leave an example of that to another day!