Pay entry fees in instalments

DEC 2012

For most entries via RiderHQ we collect the full entry fee at the time of entry. However, if your event is particularly lavish, you might want to offer entrants the option of paying in instalments. We can manage most of the hassle of collecting these and keeping everyone up to date for you:

Setting up instalments
First, in 'Event settings', go the 'Entries & fees' tab, you can set instalments up for each entry list separately, click the 'set up instalments' link under the entry fee:
This takes you to the instalment plan screen - put in the number of instalments and the frequency you want them collected. You can optionally add an initial payment that is different from the rest of the instalments:

We'll calculate the actual payments, since these will vary according to how near the closing date for the event is. We'll allocate instalments such that each entrant will have time to pay the full entry free before the closing date, with a different final payment, if necessary, to accomodate any rounding issues. We'll show you the result of this calculation back on the Entries & fees page:

Entrants will then be given the option to pay by instalment, we'll show them the amount due and once they've made the first payment we'll 'lock in' their instalment plan, so even if you amend the details later for new entrants, previous entrants won't be affected.

We offer entrants the facility to save their card details and automatically charge further instalments as they come up, without them having to do anything, or they can make manual payments: we'll send out reminders with a simple payment link.

Finally, we'll show you any 'balances outstanding' and totals on your live payments report, so you can keep track of what's owing and what's due: