Pre-entry waiting list

JAN 2013

Suppose your event is set up to open in the future, you might want to let entrants add themselves to a list, signifying their interest; this lets you:

  • Gauge demand for places without taking payment
  • Build up interest for a big launch
It enables potential entrants to:
  • Be notified when spaces are available
  • Book their place in the queue and get priority entry (this priority expires after 24 hours)
Here's how to set it up:

First, set an open date for when entries will be on sale (you can always change this later if you need to).

Next, go to 'Entry list settings':

Now enter the number of spaces you will permit on the waiting list:

That's all you need to do, people who visit your enter link, or click the 'Enter' button will see this: 

They can use the link to add themselves to your waiting list queue, they will be told what place they have in the queue and will be notified when entries are available.

Also, see the event full waiting list, which is similar but becomes active once your event sells out.