Super reports for clubs and leagues (groups)

FEB 2013

We've extended super reports to groups as well as to events. 

We've added some group-specific columns, like 'expiry day', 'joined on', 'membership number' and whether members have a photo (useful for  membership cards), and included support for emailing and querying different membership types.  Here's a quick introduction super reports if you manage a club or league.

Create a new Super Report from your group page, under 'Reports':

Here is the main configuration panel:
First, we have columns common to all members: name, email, expiry etc. You can filter on any of these columns using the dropdown (circled below):

Here's the add filter control for a custom join-form question asking what primary discipline a member is interested in:
Here's how the filter looks when applied:
You can filter on any of the questions you've added to your membership form: dates, yes/no answers, text or numbers.

You can save any report with a name for one-click recall later:

When you save it the report is added to the drop-down on your main group page, so you can run it again easily later:

All reports can also be used as email distribution lists. At any point you can click the 'Email these entrants' to generate an email to the members returned by the report.

Finally, in the email-members module we've added dropdowns for your saved reports and also a link (circled green) you can use to generate an ad-hoc report picking out recipients for your email:

You could use this feature to send a regular update to just the members who have expressed an interest in road racing, or perhaps just the committee members - it's up to you what questions you include on your join form and what reports you set up.