Improve the look of your club pages

FEB 2013

We've added high-resolution background images to our group pages, by default you get something like this:

With this picture (of the 2008 London League Cross Championships, I think!) as a background:

But you can upload any picture you want, and it will be used on your group pages and also your entry forms, so your member pages can give a flavour of your club:

Here's how:
Click 'Edit group settings' on your group page, and choose the 'Appearance' tab, then click 'Add background image':
Follow the instructions to choose a file, making sure that the picture is high-resolution  - at least 1066 pixels in width. Typically originals taken with a real camera (a modern point-and-shoot is fine) will be OK. The system will warn you if an image you upload is too small.

All being well, you should end up with something like this (I've picked a file from the 2011 Finsbury Park Road Race):