How we help you chase renewals

FEB 2013

Getting members to renew can be a major hassle. Even if the renewal/payment process is straightforward  people often don't get around to it. We've given a lot of though to this problem, and here's what we've come up with to help:
  1. Auto-renew: when they join or renew members can tick a box and when their membership runs out we'll try and collect payment, update their membership and let them know. If that fails we'll send them an email with a link and let them know what to do next.
  2. Auto reminders: We'll send out reminders 7 days before membership expires, and again on the day it expires so that members can renew with one click.
  3. Expired members report: If membership does expire, we'll add them to a report you can run showing who expired and when. You can easily email members on this report and the report will check to see if they might have re-joined subsequently under a different email, and flag them if so.
  4. One month feedback email: You can set up an automatic email that is sent to members a month after their membership expired asking them for feedback on why they left and offering them the chance to rejoin (you can put whatever you want in the email). 
Hopefully this helps reduce some of the labour of managing member expiries, but if you have any other ideas on things we can do let us know!