Members by approval

FEB 2013

A lot of clubs like the convenience of members being able to join and renew online, but don't want to open membership to anyone who has internet access and a credit card ;)

For example, many clubs want new members to be known to existing members, to have attended group rides, or an induction course. Some want to ensure that new members are insured for the duration of their membership, 

For these situations we have our request/approval system - here's how it works:

For any membership type, go to the settings page (via 'Edit group settngs) and select 'By approval' in the 'Who can join' section:
Once this is selected, all members will need to be approved by an administrator with  'Approve member requests permission' (assign permissions in the 'Team' tab of 'Group settings):
The process works like this:
  1. Potential new member clicks 'join', fills in your membership form
  2. They are told their membership has been sent for approval
  3. They are added to the membership queue (see below for a picture)
  4. At most once per day all admins with 'approve' permission are notified by email that there are new members waiting and sent a link to the queue (you can make these notifications instant if you want!)
  5. Anyone can go in at any time and approve any waiting members - before approving you can review all the submitted membership form details, and contact them for more info if you need.
Here's what the membership queue looks like:

Once approved, the new member will get an email and a link to pay up and become a member, or notification that their request was not approved (you can include a message here, if you want, to let them know why not).

The process can be used for all new joiners only, or for new joiners and renewals, and combined with any of the other membership settings (for example you could have a free membership that's by-approval-only, or a lifetime membership are by-approval-only, while other memberships are open to anyone).