Bulk discounts

MAR 2013

Bulk discounts are common everywhere: buy 3 get 5% off, buy 2 get one free and so on. Now you can offer these kinds of discounts on your RiderHQ entries as well.

Before we go into how to set up bulk discounts, it's worth mentioning that we also offer a  Voucher/invite system for when you want to offer some people a special price with a code (for example guest entrants), and also a  'bundle discount' for when you want to offer people the chance to enter multiple events in one transaction (perhaps enter an entire series for a discounted price).

Bulk discounts are when you want to offer entrants an incentive to buy more entries, or a reward for doing so.

To set up a Bulk discount, go to the 'Entries & Fees' section of Event Settings:

The same screen is used to set up buy-some-get-some-free style discounts, or buy-some-get-%-off discounts:

Buy some get some free:
Select a number of events and tick 'get the cheapest free' - in this case if someone adds entries to 3 of your events to their basket, they will only be charged for two of them:

Buy some, get % off:
To set up this kind of discount, un-tick 'Get the cheapest free' and put a number in the 'Discount %' box: in this case if an entrant adds 3 entries to their basket they will get a 10% discount on the total value:
That's all you need to do, we'll advertise the discount on the event and checkout pages, and apply the rules to any qualifying baskets:
The discounts automatically apply across all your events and entry lists. We'll also mark who entered with a discount on your payments reports.