Background images

MAR 2013

Some of our best-looking events used high-resolution background images behind the entry form and event page - we thought it looked good, so made it a standard feature.

You can either rely on our default images for each event type, for example this one for cyclocross races (taken at the Word Championship round in Ghent last year):

Or you can upload your own: 
Upload a picture at least 1,000px in width and we'll add it to your event page and entry form, we'll also show it on the checkout page and 'order success' page so entrants get a consistent image throughout the process - important for orientation and trust.

Since these images can be quite large, and potentially slow down the page, we take care to load them in the background, after the entry form itself and other page information is visible - this way entrants can get on with entering whether or not the image is ready!