Club Kit Shop

MAR 2013

Whether or not you manage your club membership with RiderHQ, you can now use RiderHQ to manage your kit orders (whoever supplies your kit). We'll provide a shop page for your members to select and pay for what they want and batch up their payments into orders for your supplier.

Here's how it to set kit ordering up:

First add your club on RiderHQ (if you haven't already).

On your club page, click the 'Kit Shop' link:

Go to the dashboard, click 'Edit shop' and tick 'Manage pending orders':

(If you are using RiderHQ to manage your membership, you might want to tick 'restrict to members', otherwise leave this unticked. )

You can either set a 'Pending order threshold value': when that value of goods have been paid for we'll alert you to forward the order to your supplier, or you can set individual quantities on each item - e.g. 10 Jerseys, 10 bib-shorts - in which case leave the 'Pending order threshold value'  blank. 

Now upload some items, the shop looks like this at the start of a new order:

Here it is after a few people have bought some stuff:

We'll let you know when it's time to send off an order and the details of what has been ordered, we'll also transfer the payments to your account. You can always wait a few days once you reach 100% to give members a chance to add more items.

We charge a 4% +30p transaction fee for online shop purchases, there are no other charges for using the system.