Universal vouchers and invites for entry across events

APR 2013

Now you can apply vouchers / invites across multiple events and entry lists and choose whether they should be % based or a fixed amount. For example you can use them to:
  • Offer free-of-charge entries
  • Offer discounted entry until a certain time
  • Track promotions and offers (i.e. print one voucher code on one set of flyers, and a different link in an email or online promotion)
We've also made our voucher-codes easier to remember and you can override them yourself (i.e. change to '2014PROMO' or whatever).

As an example, here's how to offer a 10% discount across all of your events to anyone who enters in the next month (there's also our initial article on vouchers which covers the basics):

First, go to the 'Entries & fees' tab and click 'Vouchers / invites':

Now Set up your voucher details, choose 10% for the discount and set the expiry day to one month's time:

Next, select all the entry lists (events) you want the voucher to work for:

Finally here's the summary page:

You can publish the voucher code with your marketing, or send out the link in emails for one-click entry-with-voucher.

You can also now click the 'Entrants' link (circled above) to see who's used the voucher to enter