York CC Rosedale Sportive

York Cycle Club Rosedale Abbey Event Open to ALL

Cyclosportive Cyclosportive
Date 21 Apr 2018 07:45
Length 85 Mile / 65 Mile
HQ ProCycle - Rosedale Abbey York CC York North Yorkshire YO23 1PJ map
Entries closed

GENERAL INFORMATION (Part of The Tour of The Dales Series)

The York CC Rosedale Sportive is a classic sportive that takes in some of the best climbs in North Yorkshire and encompasses the famous Rosedale Abbey Climb. It doesn't get much better than that!

You have a choice of an 85 mile route with over 6000ft of climbing, or a smaller 65 mile route with 3000ft of climbing. Both routes are classic routes in their own right and we guarantee you will not be disappointed. You will be able to decide on the day which route you would like to take as the courses are the same for the first 45 miles.

York Cycle Club prides itself on marking the route exceptionally well and providing high quality refreshments during the event. The feed stations will be stocked with sandwiches, cakes, fresh fruit, energy gels/bars, amongst other things. In addition to this all riders will be treated to a traditional pork pie (supplied by ) and mushy peas after the ride.

Sat-Nav's use postcode YO to find the registration unit. Registration opens at 0745 and closes at 0845. Briefing will take place at 0845 and the ride will begin at 0900.




Also at the Rosedale 85 Mile Sportive we're going to have the "KING OF THE MOUNTAINS" competition. We will be placing timing matts at the base of each major climb and one at the summit to record every individual riders climbing splits. There will be 3 major climbs that will be part of the KING OF THE MOUNTAINS these include:

1. Rosedale Abbey Climb 

2. Climb 

3. Climb 

Individual splits per summit will be published aswell as the overall Male and Female winner. More details to come very soon.

This only applies to those who complete the long course.




Why not use the Rosedale Sportive as the perfect way to prepare you for your Ironman races in 2018? The bike is the perfect distance to elicit the same response/fatigue experienced in your chosen Ironman/long course events. The bike route is fully supported so there is no need for you to carry additional food and fluid - let us do that for you. The run is a flat 1 out and 1 mile back and only 200m from the bike finish. It's up to you how many miles you wish to run off the bike, but last year a number of athletes took advatage of this perfect training day by completing between 8 to 12 miles. You'll also be pleassed to know we have gels, water and coke situated at the 2 mile point for you to use, but please feel free to bring your own dietary needs.

What do you have to do?

Just enter the Sportive as normal and just email us that you wish to run off the bike and use it as a BRIC training day - thats it! All for just £35.00.






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