The 2017 Magnificent 7

The second edition of the Magnificent 7 event is part of Sheffield's Outdoor City Weekender

Cyclosportive Cyclosportive
Date 19 Mar 2017 08:30
Length 27.7 Miles
HQ Norfolk Arms, 2 Ringinglow Road, Sheffield S11 7TS map
Start date has passed

The 2017 Magnificent Seven

The Magnificent Seven is a unique cycling event, the first of its kind in Sheffield. Not for the fainthearted, the race is a cross between a sportive and a hill climb, that invites participants to face seven of the city’s toughest hills.The route, which is nearly 27 miles, presents each rider with over 3,800ft of climbing, with inclines ranging from 9 to 23 per cent. Starting at the Norfolk Arms at Ringinglow, registration will open at 07:30 and cyclists will depart at 08:30. All entrants will ride together socially between the seven categorised climbs.

So how does it work? The event is a cross between a sportive and a hill climb race. Cyclists ride with motorbike escorts and a lead car between each of the seven hills, where the riders then gather at the bottom of each climb before racing for points to the summit. The first 15 to the top then receive points which count towards the grand prize of being crowned King or Queen of the Mountains, for which the winners receive a trophy.

Both men and women are encouraged to ride with equal prize money for both categories, and, new for 2017, there’s also a prize for the over 40 year old riders, as the fastest veterans will be awarded points and battle for a separate prize list.

Each of the seven climbs will be subject to a full road closure managed by Sheffield City Council.

Last year saw a fantastic inaugural event with Kieran Wynne Cattanach and Natalie Creswick both crowned winners. The event was a major success with everyone enjoying the experience of fully closed road climbs, usually something only professional riders get the opportunity to do.

The ride is aimed at local amateur club riders and all entrants will receive refreshments before and after the ride, culminating with a prize-giving presentation at the end of the event.

This is the second running of this unique event so the field is limited to just 100 cyclists, with the minimum age being 16 to enter.

Stamina, endurance and a love of hills are essential- could you face the challenge of Sheffield’s Magnificent Seven?

Entries will granted on a first come, first served basis.


The Magnificent Climbs

Hangram Lane - 1

Distance: 0.8 miles / 1.27km

Average Gradient: 8%

Elevation: 353ft / 103m

Fastest time on Strava: 4:07 men & 4:56 women

Climb Start 08:41am - finish approx 08:46am - depart 08:54am


Blake Street - 2

Distance: 0.1 miles / 150 meters

Average Gradient: 14%

Elevation: 89ft / 25m

Fastest time on Strava: 27secs. men & 45 secs women

Climb Start 09:11am - finish approx 09:12am - depart 09:19am


Fern Road & Thrush Street (Cobbles) - 3

Distance: 0.2miles / 390m

Average Gradient: 10%

Elevation: 123ft / 41m

Fastest time on Strava: 2:10

Climb Start 09:32am - finish approx 09:34am - depart 09:41am


West Lane to Holdworth - 4

Distance: 1.0 mile / 1.62km

Average Gradient: 10%

Elevation: 554ft / 159m

Fastest time on Strava: 5:14 men 8:38 women

Climb Start 9:56am - finish approx 10:05am - depart 10:12am


Cote de Oughtibridge - TDF Climb - 5

Distance: 1.0 mile / 1.68km

Average Gradient: 8%

Elevation: 462ft  / 152m

Fastest time on Strava: 4:58 men & 7:02 women

Climb Start 10:19am - finish approx 10:26am - depart 10:33am


Hagg Hill - 6

Distance: 0.5 miles / 910m

Average Gradient: 13%

Elevation: 387ft / 124m

Fastest time on Strava: 03:46 men & 5:21 women

Climb Start 10:59am - finish approx 11:05am - depart 11:12am


Foxhall Lane - 7

Distance: 0.7 miles / 1.1km

Average Gradient: 10%

Elevation: 375ft / 114m

Fastest time on Strava: 3:53 & 4:58 women

Climb Start 11:24am - finish approx 11:29am - depart 11:45am


The full route is here:



The Magnificent Points

All of the seven climbs will have the same number of  points on offer and points gained over all of the climbs will go towards a final total to determine the winner and placings.  Points will be awarded for the first 15 senior men across the line at the summit of each climb. 15 for 1st and 1 point for 15th. This will be the same for the women riders. The top 10 veteran riders will receive points on all of the 7 climbs. Points per placing for veterans to be determined by entry level.

1st - 15 points
2nd - 14 points
3rd - 13 points
4th - 12 points
5th - 11 points
6th - 10 points
7th - 9 points
8th - 8 points
9th - 7 points
10th - 6 points
11th - 5 points
12th - 4 points
13th - 3 points
14th - 2 points
15th - 1point

The top 5 in each category will receive prizes (see below). In the event of a points tie, the winner will be decided by the number of highest placed finishes over the seven classified climbs. 

The Magnificent Prizes

There will be a King of the Mountain and Queen of the Mountain Trophy awarded to the rider with the most points in both categories. There will also be prizes awarded for the top 5 and one spot prize per climb. These will be presented at the end of the ride in the Norfolk Arms at approximately 11:30am. Please stay around you might have won a prize!

Minimum provisional prize list for both men and women riders. Vets prizes depending on the number of veteran riders. 

1st - £100.00 plus KOM / QOM Trophy
2nd - £50.00
3rd - £40.00
4th - £30.00
5th - £20.00

Spot Prizes of £20.00 on all of the 7 classified climbs

Minumum Vets prize list:

1st - £50.00
2nd - £30.00
3rd - £20.00


The Magnificent Refreshments

There will be hot drinks before the event and hot drinks and bacon sandwiches after the event. Once you have finished, please hand in your numbers and you will be handed a voucher in return. There will be a vegetarian option, please indicate this on the signing on sheet when you sign on.


The Magnificent FAQ's

Are there minimum an age limit to enter the event?

The mimium age is 16 years of age. 


What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?

Parking is available at the Norfolk Arms car park.


Can I get a refund if I pull out?

Yes. Refunds will be given until the start list is published. All refunds will incur a £2.00 fee.