HUUB Academy Junior Duathlon

Duathlon Duathlon
Date 26 May 2018 10:00
Length Various
HQ Darley Moor Race track A515 Ashbourne Road, Ashbourne, Derbyshire DE6 2ET map
Start date has passed
8 YEAR OLDS: 400m - 1.5km - 200m
10:15TRI STAR 1
9-10 YEAR OLDS: 1.2km - 4km - 400m
10:45TRI STAR 2
11-12 YEAR OLDS: 1.6km - 6km - 600m
11:30TRI STAR 3
13-14 YEAR OLDS: 2km - 8km - 800m
15-16 YEAR OLDS: 2.5km - 10km - 1.5km

The HA Junior Duathlon is hosted by HUUB Events along with HUUB Sports Academy and Peak Performance Triathlon.  It is a Junior event for Tri Star Start to Youth category - you don't have to be a BTF member to take part. 

Distances as follows:

Tri Stars Start Run 400m, Bike 1.5km, Run 200m
TriStars 1 Run 1.2km, Bike 4km, Run 400m
TriStars 2 Run 1.6km, Bike 6km, Run 600m
TriStars 3 Run 2km, Bike 8km, Run 800m
Youth Run 2.5km, Bike 10km, Run 1.5km

East Midlands are also challenging West Midlands to see which region is victorious!  Top ten boys and girls in Tri Star 1, 2, 3 and Youth category can earn points for their region and the competition is open to everyone so you don't have to be a member to score.