Wessex Wizards Goldenstones Aquathlon

Race 1 2018

Aquathlon Aquathlon
Date 11 Mar 2018 10:00
Length Various
HQ Goldenstones Leisure Centre, Brunswick Street, Yeovil BA20 1QZ BA20 1QZ map
Start date has passed
This event is part of a series: 2018 Events
from age 18: 300m swim & 5km run
YOUTH (AGE 8-12)
age 8-12: 150m swim & 2.5km run
10:00JUNIOR (AGED 13-17)
from age 13-17: 300m swim & 5km run

The 300m pool swim will consist of swimming up and down all 6 lanes before exiting the pool complex through the fire exit straight into transition. A quick change then off on your 5k run, out and back, through Yeovil Country Park. Timings will be recorded by stopwatch and placed on the website within 24 hours.

Youth (ages 8-12) event will be 150m swim and 2.5km run.

Junior (ages 13-17) event will be 300m swim and 5km run.

Adult (ages 18+) event will be 300m swim and 5km run.

For more information please either email or phone 07887 356687

Goldenstones Aquathlon Results March 2018:attachment