Condor London Club Championships

Sixteen teams will race on Rollapaluza's four bike rig to find the fastest club in London

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Date 08 Feb 2018 18:00
Category Roller Racing
HQ Peckham Liberal Club, 24 Elm Grove SE15 5DE map
Start date has passed

Entry information:

This page is for team entry only - spectators need not sign up, entry is free.

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Please ensure that your team is made up of one female and three male riders. As a team, you will be racing on our 4-bike rig in a number of races through the evening.

You may enter yourself along with your fellow riders as a team when signing up, or individually - if this is the case please ensure that you enter under the same team name.

The ticket prices include entry to the Condor London Championship, as well as a buffet meal at the venue.

Through the evening a number of races will be run. The competition format is as follows:

  • Team Time Trial - The four riders individual times will be added together the team with the fastest time for a combined 1000m distance will continue as the top seeded team.
  • Madison Knockout - A mixed pair will race a knockout competition of Madison races.
  • Win-Outs & Elimination - The two remaining men in the team will race a series of Win-outs (first rider is out, and subsequently wins) and Elimination (last rider is out, and subsequently finishes last) races.

Points will be awarded based on finishing position the points will go towards the riders total team score.

More than £1000 worth of prizes confirmed with Condor Cycles, Assos and Pedal Bites!

The team with the highest number of points will be crowned the Condor London Club Champions.