Baines Racing JCA-Equipe Velo Road Race 2018

Region 7 South East Midlands and East Anglia

Cycling LVRC event Cycling LVRC event
Date 04 Mar 2018 10:00
Category A,B,C D,E G,H,I
Length A,B,C 42 mi. D,E 42 mi. G,H...
HQ 101 Watling St. West, Towcester, NN12 6AG. Road Race to be held on the Foxley Circuit NN12 6AG map
Event cancelled

Baines Racing of Silverstone


Early Season Road Race Sunday 4th March 2018 Commencing 10.00am

Held under League of Veteran Cyclists rules


Joint Organisers – Geoff Baines, Silverstone Cycling, Unit 14, Silverstone Circuit, Northants, NN12 8TL. 01327 858885. Parts@bainesracing.com

Glen McMenamin, Mobile: 07798756067  email: s12mjm@yahoo.co.uk

Event HQ. A5 Rangers Club Rooms, 101, Watling Street, Towcester, 

Northants NN12 6AG. Open from 08.30. Main Entrance at rear.

Sign On and Numbers. TBC

Chief Judge. Geoff Baines

Car Parking; To the rear of the HQ. Turn off Watling St at the "The Stables" pub signed Wood Burcote, then first right into Islington Rd, and follow to the end. Entrance to HQ is here as well.

Refreshments available at the HQ -  After the event

First Aid – TBC

Competitors - listed on RiderHQ.com


Acknowledgements and thanks: Members, friends and helpers of Baines Racing, ex- NVRT members, A5 Rangers, Dick Hooper for photo finish. All other helpers and Northamptonshire Police.


Race 1: A, B, C 7 laps / 42 miles. Commence 10.00

Race 2: D, E, 7 Laps / 42 miles Commence 10.02

Race 3:  F, G, H, 6 laps / 36 miles Commence 10.04. Over 65 National Series Race


Note - If the riders of one Race catch the other race we reserve the right to stop the “Caught” Race to let the faster Race pass and then recommence the slower Race. It has happened before!


GeneralNo License, No Hard Shell Helmet, No Ride.


Prize list available on the day. As much of the entry fees as possible will be recirculated as prize money.


The Course

Note – start is 15minute ride from Race HQ. Make your own way to the start.

This is the usual Foxley Cross Circuit. Start at Foxley Cross Roads. Left turn towards Litchboro. At T junction turn left towards Litchboro. Take 2nd left to Maidford. Filter left on to Banbury Rd TAKING GREAT CARE – traffic from right has priority. At Maidford turn left towards Blakesley. Take first left on unclassified road back towards Foxley Cross. Filter left on to Blakesley / Foxley Cross road TAKING GREAT CARE. Traffic from right has priority. Continue to end of lap / finish area. 6 miles.


This has been a largely accident free race for many years - ride safely - take care.


We have a good relationship with the local police force. It is highly likely we will be being watched by Northants Police and we will have members of the local police force riding the race. Some may also be marshaling. Please will all riders take care to obey all the rules of the road so that we do nothing to undermine this relationship.