The Purple Patch 10k Series

Running Running
Date 20 May 2018 10:30
Length 10km
HQ Race 1: Stockley Park 10k, Uxbridge Race 2: Heyford Park 10k, Oxon Race 3: Spire Bushey 10k, Herts Race 4: Reading O2O 10k Race 5: Water of Life 10k, Marlow UB11 1BA map
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Challenge yourself to completing all five of these fantastic 10k races and get yourself a 10% discount as well!
Each 10k is unique in it's own way and brings a new challenge every time.
1) Stockley Park 10k: May 20th

2) Heyford park Airbase Races 10k 10th June
3) Spire Bushey 10k: 1st July 
4) Blueiron Reading O2O 10k: 7th Oct
5) Water of Life 10k: 21st Oct