Justine's Memorial Run (Virtual)

Date 01 Mar 2018 to 23 Mar 2018
Length 23
Start date has passed

This Virtual run is dedicated to an amazing woman called Justine Barringer (Nickname, Beiber) who sadly died in a diving accident in Gran Canaria last year. Justine was an incredible lady who brought fun and laughter to all those around her. Justine was a serving police officer, dedicated B2R team leader and fierce friend to everyone.

Justine was survived by her partner Tina, who, devistated by the loss has summoned the courage to keep going. She has been so brave and has asked that we help her to produce and deliver a virtual run to honor Justines memory. This medal was designed by Tina herself and comprises elements that represent Justine. 

For this challenge we invite anybody to take part, non-Beginners2Runners members, friends, family and well wishers. We can join together and honour this amazing woman.

The Challenge is to complete 23k in 23 days (The number 23 is significant as it was the date she was born, died and had her funeral) therefore you MUST run 23k by the 23rd MARCH, no later. Once completed you must submit the proof to virtualproof@beginners2runners.co.uk no later than the 31st March 2018. If we have not received it by the 31st you will not be sent the medal and you will not receive a refund.

We will batch post the medals out once we receive your proof.

*All profit for this medal will be dontated to Helping Hearts charity  - Nominated by Tina (Justines Partner)