Mastering Rider

Training session Training session
Date 06 May 2018
Length 10km
HQ Osterley Park Jersey Rd, Hounslow Tw7 map
Start date has passed
This event is part of a series: Mastering Rider - Osterley Park



Ages 9+

The Mastering Stage is the final stage of The Bicycle Society’s cycling programme. Here children apply skills learnt during the Securing Stage and are supported in making independent decisions and keeping safe whilst on the road and sharing space in a park. In order to become an master rider, riders will experience a variety of styles of riding including BMX, Trick riding, Mountain Biking and cycling on roads for regular trips to friends’ houses, school or simply to the shops. This course will inspire your child to start applying multiple skills in lots of different locations: Skills tracks, quiet residential roads and technical terrain. You can never do everything a bicycle has to offer, but this phase helps explore every option in your area as a family or group of friends.


All bikes and equipment provided, although you are welcome to use your own!


Your child ill will need:

Backpack with water and snack

Clothes suitable for the weather

and medical requirements, I.e inhailer, eppipen