Summer Distance Challenge

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Date 01 Apr 2018 to 30 Jun 2018
Length 213 km
Start date has passed

It's Easter this week which means another challenge is coming to an end. Everyone who took part has been truly amazing, not to mention inspirational. I hope you have enjoyed the challenge and that it has pushed you to be more active and I'm sure you are reaping the benefits.

We are always sad as a challenge comes to an end, but we aren't just going to leave you there.

Summer Miles Challenge:

Spring is FINALLY (dare I say it) here. That means in a few months we will all be thinking about our summer holidays, it's going to be a fab summer, and my gosh don't we deserve it!

As you may or may not know over the next three months myself and Rebekah are taking on 3 huge events, Rebekah taking on London Marathon in April and myself cycling the London Revolution 187 mile cycle through the Surrey hills and Chilterns in May, with us both taking on our biggest challenge yet, Race To The Tower Ultramarathon 52.4 miles in June. Rebekah will be running for the Lullaby Trust and I will be running for Mind. We will be covering a total of 265.6 miles during three events.

We challenge you to get involved with us. We want you to join us in moving a total of 265.6 km (or to really really challenge yourself 265.6 miles) between April and June (the three months we will be taking on our huge challenges) You can run, cycle, walk or swim. (Approx 20km a week or miles if you fancy it!)

You will be helping us support two amazing charities, keeping us going with our training and getting to the end of our finish lines.

What do I do: cover the combined total of 256.6 km from 1st April to 30th June.

Entry: £12.50 and click the link below - you will join a supportive group to keep us all going. 20% goes to charities.

On a personal note Mental health awareness week starts every year on the second Monday in May so this year it falls 14 – 20 May. This is iconic for me, I will be taking on 187 miles for Mind ready to welcome in this week. Mental health is incredibly close to my heart so please please do get involved and show your support.

We cannot wait for you to join us on another challenge that will raise lots of money and awareness for two charities, get you fit for summer (think of those summer holidays!) and very importantly earn you some more race bling.

Spend the weekend enjoying all of that chocolate that you completely deserve and then lets get thinking about our summer fitness.

Who is in?! ����