B2R 50K August Ultra Challenge

Raising funds for MNDA Mid Kent

Running Running
Date 01 Aug 2018 to 31 Aug 2018
Length 50K
HQ Virtual Run
Start date has passed

Virtual running is a simple concept that does a lot of good for charity. 30% of the PROFIT from each trophy will be donated to MNDA (Motor Neuron Disease Association) Mid Kent – please see below for some more information about the charity and why we are supporting them.

The race is simple, you must run, walk or jog a total of 50K (Don’t worry you don’t have to do it all in one go!) between Wednesday 1st August and Friday 31st August 2018. Record your run/walk or jog on your phone, watch, treadmill etc and then take a screen shot/photo of the 50K run/s. Once you have completed you chosen distance, please email us with all the proof and photos attached to the one email.

virtualproof@beginners2runners.co.uk - No proof sent, no trophy! Last date to submit proof is Friday 7th September2018 after which no further proofs will be accepted and no trophy will be sent we have a strict no excuses, no refunds policy so the charaties do not miss out. You must only send proof via the email, Facebook post or messgaes will not be accepted. Once we have received your proof we will dispatch your trophy to your B2R Club of choice or post out depending on your choice of delivery option.

So enjoy a challenge, earn yourself a fab trophy and help an amazing charity at the same time.

Thank you for entering.

Motor Neurone Disease (MND) kills a third of people within 12 months and more than half within 2 years of diagnosis. MND attacks the nerves that control our movement; people with MND can still think and feel, however their muscles no longer work. There is no cure.

Carl who joined B2R as a junior team leader at Leybourne 3 years ago and is now a fully-fledged team leader with us was 12 when, his dad, Paul was diagnosed with MND on Christmas Eve 2012 and given just 18 months to 2 years to live! 

Paul was an incredibly fit man, running an average of 70 miles a week, he was known locally by some simply as “the running man” (this was before the birth of “beginners to runners”); he ran in all weathers, rain, wind, sun and snow, so it was quite unbelievable to think he might be seriously ill. At the time of his diagnosis Carl and his brother Harvey (then 7) were told that their dad had MND but none of us really knew how the illness would affect Paul.

Paul gradually lost all ability to speak and communicate clearly and within 12 months of his diagnosis had to stop cycling and running, as weakness in his arm muscles caused balance problems. It was around this time that Carl started running, something his dad was incredibly proud to watch! After fighting through being unable to swallow and the inevitable weight loss, Paul lost his fight with MND in February 2015.

During the time of his illness, Paul and the family received an incredible amount of support from the MNDA Mid Kent Branch which helps people with MND in the Mid Kent area. Simple things like climbing the stairs became an impossible task so the charity arranged for us to have a stair lift fitted, they gave the children each a grant so they could continue with clubs and activities whilst Lynne (Mum and Wife) cared for Paul, helped towards the additional costs we incurred when going on holiday, installed a lifeline, a rise recliner chair, ramps and wheelchair when Paul became too weak to walk and enabled Lynne to meet other families for a much needed coffee and cake!

There are currently over 50 people living with MND in the Mid Kent area that are supported by the MNDA Mid Kent Branch and every penny raised will help a family get through a traumatic and sometimes lonely time.