HHCC Gadebridge Park Offroad Go-Ride

Cyclocross Cyclocross
Date 13 Oct 2018 13:45
Category Cyclocross Go-Ride (Ages 8-...
Length Bike Check + 2hr Coaching S...
HQ From Gadebride Park car park (HP1 3HZ) cross under A4146 and take left hand path up to tapes marking cyclocross course. (Click red word "map" to display exact location) 51.760646, -0.477436 map
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A two hour introductory cyclocross training session for children aged 8-16 lead by British Cycling qualified coaches from Hemel Hempstead Cycling Club. The session is free of charge but all riders must be registed, preferably in advance. Please meet & sign on by 1:45pm for a bike check. If there are sufficient numbers, the riders will also be split into ability groups. The session starts at 2pm and finishes at 4pm. Riders can be unaccompanied or parents can come along for all or part of the session. 

Please make sure that you bring a drink and snack, helmet and gloves. Also please take a few minutes before coming to check that the rider’s helmet fits properly and the bike is in good working order. Riders should be using a cyclocross, mountain or a hybrid bike fitted with gears and treaded offroad tyres. Please make sure there are no loose shoe laces or clothing that could be caught on the bike or in vegetation.



Although non-members are welcome to join us for a trial session, you need to be a Youth or Family Member of HHCC to regularly attend these events. If you have any queries please contact us: