Full (Training and Race) Accreditation

Cycling track Cycling track
Date 20 Mar 2019 19:30
Length 1.5hr
HQ Herne Hill Velodrome Burbage Road London SE24 9HE map
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Full Track League Accreditation Session at Herne Hill Velodrome.

Only Open to Riders with Track Racing Experience
To help experienced riders through the   accreditation system  we are putting on these extended sessions for people who have raced on the track before.  Passing this session will count as having done both the training and race accreditations. It will allow you to take part in track league and advanced training sessions at the velodrome

We recommend you have experience of the following exercises at Herne Hill before you take a training accreditation as some of these may be included in the session. These will all be covered in basic training sessions:

         Lap Changes

         Pairs Changes on the Blue

         Rotation (Through and off)

         Taking laps

         Whistle Training

         Pairs Sprints (on whistle)

And the following exercises before taking the race accreditation, these will all be covered in race training sessions:

         Lumps and Bumps



         Centre Pairs Changes

         Lap changes (Changing from a pace line)