Back on Track Run

Raising funds for Slide Away

Running Running
Date 01 Jan 2019 to 31 Jan 2019
Length 20K in a minimum of 4 runs
HQ Virtual Run
Start date has passed

Let’s get Back on Track for 2019, for this virtual run you will need to run, walk or jog a total of 20K on at least 4 separate runs between Wednesday 2nd January and Thursday 31st January. Record your runs/walks or jogs on your phone, watch, treadmill etc and then take a screen shot/photo of your runs.

Virtual running is a simple concept that does a lot of good for charity. 30% of the profit form each medal will be donated to Slide Away - please see below for some more information about the charity and why we are supporting them. - No proof sent, no medal! Last date to submit proof is Friday 8th February which is when the medals will start to come out. After that no further proofs will be accepted and no medal will be sent we have a strict no excuses, no refunds policy so the charaties do not miss out. You must only send proof via the email, Facebook post or messgaes will not be accepted. Once we have received your proof we will dispatch your medal to your B2R Club of choice or post out depending on your choice of delivery option.

The charity was nominated by two of our runners, here are their reasons:

Slide Away is a charity very close to my heart in my role as Headteacher of a primary school. It is with much sadness that there a number of children who attend my school, from as young as 5 years old, who have already experienced bereavement of a parent in their lives, or are living with parents, siblings and other relatives who have a life limiting illness. In trying to find a way to support pupils, I came across the charity, Slide Away, a local charity working and providing support to children in Kent. 

Another of our runners has also had contact with Slide Away in a different situation. Her daughter lost her dad when she was 5 in tragic and sudden circumstances by taking his own life after a diagnosis of late stages of MS. Dealing with the loss of a parent is traumatic for anyone but particularly young children as they do not always fully understand. At the time they were fortunate to be supported by friends and family as they were unaware of the local support offered for bereaved children, something they desperately needed. During later teenage years her grieving process was unexpectedly triggered again during her exams and she seemed to relive the trauma of losing her dad like it was yesterday. As a mother she was at a loss but with the support of the school and Slide Away we managed to support her through this time.  Losing a parent at such a young age is one of the hardest moments any child will ever deal which is why charities such as Slide Away are so important in playing vital roles to provide the right support at the right time.

We would like to personally thank all of you who are choosing to take part in this run as you are helping to support such a great charity and children through an incredibly difficult time.

So enjoy a challenge, earn yourself a fab medal and help an amazing charity at the same time.

Thank you for entering.