Do it for Daisy

Raising funds for Oliver Fisher Trust

Running Running
Date 01 Feb 2019 to 28 Feb 2019
Length 29K
HQ Virtual Run
Start date has passed

Let’s show the love and “Do it for Daisy” this February, for this virtual run you will need to run, walk or jog a total of 29K to represent the 29 weeks Daisy was carried by her mum Kerry a team leader at Coxheath. You will need to complete the 29K between Friday 1st February and Thursday 28th February. Record your runs/walks or jogs on your phone, watch, treadmill etc and then take a screen shot/photo of your runs.

Virtual running is a simple concept that does a lot of good for charity. 30% of the profit form each medal will be donated to Oliver Fisher Neonatal Unit - please see below for some more information about the charity. 

When you have completed your run email the proof to - No proof sent, no medal! Last date to submit proof is Friday 8th March which is when the medals will start to come out. After that no further proofs will be accepted and no medal will be sent we have a strict no excuses, no refunds policy so the charaties do not miss out. You must only send proof via the email, Facebook post or messgaes will not be accepted. Once we have received your proof we will dispatch your medal to your B2R Club of choice or post out depending on your choice of delivery option.

Here is Kerry’s story about the Oliver Fisher neonatal unit and Daisy. To put is bluntly the Oliver Fisher neonatal unit saved Daisy’s life. I lost my waters at 14 weeks and as a result Daisy wasn’t expected to make it. However Daisy hung on but at 16 week as I had not revealed I was offered a termination due to Daisy’s lungs not having the fluid to develop, they said that she may survive pregnancy but would be unluckily to survive her first breaths. I refused the termination, researched as much as possible and saw some hope in others. I was of course prepared for a poor outcome though but just had to try. At 25 weeks I transferred to Medway because their unit was the only place that may be able to save Daisy. I was scheduled for a C-Section as it would not be safe for me to carry to term but at 28 weeks and 6 days I went into labour and Daisy was born naturally at 29 weeks exactly. The neonatal team were their upon delivery and took her immediately, all we could hear was the team performing CPR on Daisy. It felt like the longest 14 minutes but they got a breathing tube down her, we saw her briefly before she was rushed off.The team did everything they could but they still told us that it was a waiting game and there was noting more they could do, we just had to wait. She was so so sick but she had fought this long I knew she would try. She had so many infusions going in and lines coming out of her, it is truly amazing what they can do for such a small thing. The next few days were critical but she kept fighting and the team gave us so much support. You feel so useless that you can’t do anything for your baby, only sit and hold their hand. As the weeks went on Daisy got stronger, she had lots of steps forwards and then steps back, nicu journey is a rollercoaster but the staff are absolutely amazing. It is so hard leaving your baby each day, but it’s a little easier knowing how well they are looked after by the staff. Daisy finally came home at 13wks old on oxygen and just learning to bottle feed after being tube fed all that time. She is now just over a year old and Oliver Fisher are still looking after Daisy, we are so so lucky to have had them and will be forever grateful for everything they have done on this long long journey.

Oliver Fisher do this day and night for hundreds of families and they would not be able to do this without the financial support they receive from the Oliver Fisher Trust.

So enjoy a challenge, earn yourself a fab medal and help an amazing charity at the same time.

Thank you for entering.