Learn to Ride 6+

Training session Training session
Date 13 Jul 2019 14:30
Length 1 hour
HQ Herne Hill Velodrome, 104 Burbage Road SE24 9HE map
Start date has passed

This is a session for older non-riders (kids aged 6 and over) who want to learn to ride! This is an hour of balance based learning, with kids working alongside their parents to gain confidence and balance, with the goal to be confident pedalling unassisted.
-Each child (or group of siblings) needs to have a parent/guardian working with them.
-We will provide all equipment for the session included in the price, but you are welcome to bring your own bikes and helmets.
-No stabilisers allowed.
-It takes time, practise, and patience to learn to ride, and this is the first step - I am giving you the tools to help you to teach your child. Don't be worried if your child can't do it straight away!
-I can provide information and exercises for you to take home so that you can continue learning outside the track.