Woodland Run - Virtual Run

Running Running
Date 12 May 2019 to 22 May 2019
Length 5k or 10k
HQ Virtual Run
Start date has passed

If you have missed the Woodland Run do not fear! We have a limited number of medals left so you can still get your hands on one!

You will need to complete at least 5K or 10K before the end of May. Record your run/walk or jog on your phone, watch, treadmill etc and then take a screen shot/photo of your runs and send it to us.

When you have completed your run email the proof to virtualproof@beginners2runners.co.uk - No proof sent, no medal! Last date to submit proof is Friday 7th June which is when the medals will start to come out. After that no further proofs will be accepted and no medal will be sent. We have a strict no excuses, no refunds policy. You must only send proof via the email, Facebook post or messgaes will not be accepted. Once we have received your proof we will dispatch your medal to your B2R Club of choice or post out depending on your choice of delivery option.

Thank you for entering.