RiderHQ event management

State of the art event management with renowned service - because you'll talk directly to an expert programmer, we can customise our service to match your specific needs

Over 10,000 events have used RiderHQ

Improved conversion rates

Our reliable and fast system ensures fewer dropouts with 52% of entrants taking less than 3 minutes to complete their entry and page-load times under a second

Increased revenue

We help your event sell out quickly and events that have sold out have, on average, received 16% additional entrants via our waiting list system.
Quickly recycling places is a great way to maximise revenue and make your entrants happy.

Improved marketing

Built in advanced emailing, Twitter feeds, promotion via our partner sites, comprehensive marketing reports with heatmaps, demographic and referrer tracking, flexible offers, discounts and vouchers.
We provide you the means to get your entrants involved, create marketing buzz and measure your results.

Integrate with your site

Our live website editor lets you customise appearance and branding, upload GPX files to generate route maps and elevation plots and even 'white label' your event pages. Control everything from the entry form to the confirmation page and email.

Keep everything organised

Secure entrants database where everything is backed up, with powerful reporting and mailing lists built in.
Entrants can easily edit and print their own details, saving you time and reducing frustration.

Flexible for any event

Customisable entry forms, teams, pricing tiers, discount types.
Our forms can manage anything from age categories, to affiliation discounts, to self-select start-time slots.
Some of our customers run one event per year, others run 400!

“RiderHQ is the most progressive and regularly updated cycing event entry system there is. Use it!”
Jon Lewis, Guildford Town Centre Criteriums
Feature rich for any event
Powerful, flexible, reliable, a platform you can trust
Self-service management
Flexible entry forms
  • 100% Customisable: Add whatever questions and options you need
  • Mandatory/optional questions
  • Adjust prices based upon what is entered on the form
  • Set limits on how many entrants may choose an option before it disappears
  • Conditional logic: conditionally show questions based on the answers to other questions
  • Add your own branding
  • Embed form directly into your website
  • Update your entry form whenever, add questions or change the wording
  • Share entry forms between events and update all in one go
Powerful reporting
  • Quickly segment your entrant data and answer questions
  • Filter by all entry form questions, payments, outstanding balances and more
  • Save reports and re-run (live updating)
  • Email distribution lists
  • PDFs for printing and to take to meetings
  • Export spreadsheets for calculations
  • More details
Quickest for entrants
  • The fewest steps and the fastest entry for your participants (see our testimonials)
  • No preliminary 'registration' process: the entrant fills in one form
  • Automatic pre-fill: we remember entrant details so they don't have to re-type, enter multiple entrants quickly
  • Card storage: enables payment with one click (very few online entry systems offer this)
  • Simple entry forms, running on fast servers: no adverts, heavy graphics or webpage code
  • Our forms work equally well on mobile devices)
  • Enter multiple events in one go (see right)
Flexible payments
  • Charge whatever you want (including zero!)
  • Choose whether to include the transaction processing in your entry fee, or add it on top (paid by the entrant)
  • Discounts/premiums based on your entry form (e.g. if 'Club member' is ticked reduce cost by 2)
  • Fees per entry type (e.g. shorter courses or discount for younger riders)
  • Flexible bulk-discounts ('20% for 3+ events' etc.) advertised at checkout-time with one-click access to increase checkout value
  • Set automatic refund policy: (50% with 3 weeks to go, 10% day before, etc.)
  • Allow entrants to move their entries between your events
  • 'Early-bird' and 'late-entry' fees
Marketing support
  • Live 'marketing analytics' reporting and communications
  • Customer profile: 'traffic sources', 'people who entered this, entered that' - see what drives your entries
  • Sales: 'cumulative sales', 'rate of sale' - see spikes and trends, measure marketing effectiveness
  • Customer value: size and range of spend, repeat entrants - offer more to your customers, gauge satisfaction
  • Point-of-sale offers and recommendations: advertise additional events, 'people who entered this entered that', bulk-discount offers
  • Customise post-entry emails - add details of your other events and links
  • Integrated emailing with open tracking: stay in touch with your entrants, one-click access to entry form
Shopping and donations
  • Sell event-related merchandise alongside your entries, and accept charitable donations
  • Integrated with entries and memberships: view items on the checkout page, one-click purchase
  • Customisable purchase forms
  • Premiums/discounts based on payment form values (e.g. charge more for a particular size/style)
  • Upload descriptions and pictures
  • Full inventory management
  • Generate invoices, manage shipping and taxes
We have built-in integration with these tools and platforms
“Great as usual, I think this is the fourth year we've used RiderHQ for hosting online entries... superb service!”
Darren Moore, Goldtec Cycling Club
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