RiderHQ membership management

RiderHQ Groups makes it easy to manage your membership with built in joining, renewals, emailing, reporting and kit management

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Over 400 clubs use RiderHQ

Save time

Members join or renew themselves online, we chase renewals and make it easy for members to set up recurring payments so you don't have to. We can automate much of the kit secretary's job too.

Be organised

Keep your membership in our secure database where everything is backed up, with access control, searching, emailing powerful reports and graphs

We're flexible

We can accomodate any membership form, and if you need an approval process before members can join we can manage it

Communicate easily

Built in free emailing, with advanced tracking, content features and mailing lists, e.g.: 'junior members' or 'road racers'

Integrate with your website

Embed in your website, customise logos and backgrounds, share logins with your other web apps (e.g. forums)

Share the workload

Delegate management amongst your committee or team, each member can access only what they need to (e.g. member approvals or financial reports)

“As the Chairman of the Dulwich I'm really impressed by how well the DP membership via RiderHQ has gone.”
Nigel Wood, Dulwich Paragon CC (one of the largest cycling clubs in the UK)
Feature rich for any club, league or group
Powerful, flexible, reliable, a platform you can trust
Easy joining and renewal
  • Membership online with minimum fuss
  • Join and pay online (no hidden charges %sour Service fee is all you pay)
  • Automatically prompt members to renew before they expire
  • Auto-renewal: members can choose to renew subscriptions automatically when they expire
  • One-click 'Join online' and 'I am an existing member' buttons
Flexibility and control
  • Your own membership forms, multiple membership types
  • Fully customisable membership forms
  • Multiple membership types (standard, associates, juniors, second-claim... etc.)
  • Annual, monthly, weekly memberships or 'from 1st Jan'
  • Pay-and-join, request/approval, free, or any combination of these
  • Manually add members (for free) - upload, add individually or let them add themselves
  • Used by several of the largest cycling clubs in the UK (to manage 600+ members)
  • Bulk emailing, members areas and feeds
  • Send bulk emails to your membership or groups of members for free
  • Design your own 'thankyou' emails for new members, renewals, members-about-to-expire, expired members
  • Members' noticeboard
  • 'What members are doing': entries, results, new members in one place
  • Manage competitions and trophies online
  • RSS feeds: subscribe for updates when members add new results, enter new events or join
  • Download or view your data at any time
  • Configurable reports with all member and membership form details
  • Filtering, sorting, and postcode plots
  • Export data to PDF, Excel, CSV
  • Saved reports: set up a custom report e.g. 'Marshalling volunteers' then run it any time in one click
  • 'Recently expired members' reports, including intelligent filtering for people who have lapsed then re-joined
  • Fast member search
  • Live payments reports
Events integration
  • Restrict events to members of your group only
  • Discounted entry to members of your group, with time-periods
  • 'Affiliated' groups with optional discounts
  • Enter event and join group simultaneously (e.g. for league membership)
  • Upload event attendees from membership card barcode/QR scan files and auto-lookup from membership
  • Generate membership IDs and include on start-sheets (e.g. for issuing and all-season transponder ID to each member)
  • Download transponder files using mapping group members to transponder IDs
  • Automated renewal reminders with one-click renew links
  • Optional recurring payments and reminders
  • Automated re-join reminder email '1 month after expiry'
  • Members can join and manage children / family under one account
  • Design and print membership cards and photos, optionally allow members access to print their own
  • Auto-generate membership numbers
  • Members can view and edit their own details
  • Email members in a few clicks
  • 'Invite admins': multiple users can manage the group
  • Upload existing membership database from CSV / Spreadsheet
We have built-in integration with these tools and platforms
“RiderHQ has helped transform the administrative side of the league for riders and staff.”
Kim Anderson, League Administrator, South East Road Race League
Get started
It takes a couple of minutes to set up your club, everything's free: try out the system and decide if it's for you

Enter basic club or league details. We will create a dedicated page for you, that you can access any time

Adjust membership types, renewal dates, membership forms and page appearance (Contact us for free support, training or advice)

Set up payment processing: enter your existing Paypal / Stripe / Braintree etc. account details or create a new card / Direct Debit account from RiderHQ

Upload existing members (if any).

For more details see our 5 minute guide