tmgpro.cc MK Bowl Series (inc. Region 7 circuit champs) ENTRY ON THE DAY ONLY

Region 7 South East Midlands and East Anglia

Cycling LVRC event Cycling LVRC event
Date Tue, 04 Sep 19:00
Length AB 1 hr, CD 50 mins, EFGH 4...
HQ Milton Keynes National Bowl Watling St, Milton Keynes MK58AA map
Entries open 05:00 10-JUL-2018
Entries close 23:59 14-AUG-2018
Entries open: 05:00 10-JUL-2018

Riders must have their own registered MyLaps Pro Flex Transponder

Entry on the day only

AB race 1 hour + 3 laps

CD race 50 mins + 3 laps

EFGH race 40 mins + 3 laps