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“Entry system does everything you need it to do and more! Technical and customer support it second to none - absolutely brilliant.”
Claire Duffin
“RiderHQ has been a great platform for all our events. We have events ranging from just 20 people up to 7,000+ and it caters for all. Very easy to use and a full package system. ”
Sandra Courtney
“Excellent as usual.”
Rory Macpherson
Adrian Shandley
“Excellent as always”
Andy Cook Cycling
“5 star as always”
Steve Worrallo
“Overall it is great using Rider HQ, simple and effective to manage event entries. ”
Dougie Fox
“Not being the best at new systems I appreciated the help received in telephone calls I made”
BC South Region
“Once again the RiderHQ system did a great job for us on the Marlow Red Kite Ride. The tool was flexible to meet our needs and when we had questions the support from the team was outstanding.”
Andy Lee
“Great. The organisers were able to run the event without concerns over registration and the participants were equally able to enjoy the event without admin. delays. All in all we were very satisfied and happy with the service we received from RiderHQ”
David Gill
“This is the fifth year we have used RiderHQ and once again Nat and the team have been first class. Questions and queries are always answered swiftly and expertly. The software is user friendly and very helpful for any orgainiser running a ride. Thanks for your support again”
Lincs C2C2C
“The great thing about Rider HQ is that they give the same service to their clients regardless of generated income. We were made to feel, despite being a small event with a maximum 350 entrants, that we were Rider HQ's most important client. Any email request was answered promptly, any request to deviate from their normal service received a positive response & any contact was answered quickly. I will & have recommended their services & look forward to working with them next year. Geoff Dixon Race Coordinator Bexhill Starfish Races”
Geoff Dixon
“Absolutely brilliant support from Matt and the team, this was our first event of a new series, with a lot of expectation from sponsors and riders. Entry process was hassle free as was cancellations and changing / merging categories (which we had to do with the women's races). The small handling fee is well worth the price and this can be just added onto the entry costs. Fantastic stuff and we will definitely be using Rider HQ as our official entry portal for the rest of the series. Thanks Matt and Team from the Sheffield Urban CX team ”
Adam Simmonite
“very good, with superb help and advice from Matt”
andrew thompson
“Good website easy to use”
Joe Rowe
“ A great service which takes a lot of the strain out of organizing a race.”
James Gowan
“Very pleased with the whole process. Customer support first rate , with quick reply to my questions about navigating the site ! ”
phil rayner
“5 star”
Steve Worrallo
“The service is second to none. I have recommended RiderHQ on numerous occasions.”
“The system is very easy to use. Definitely a big help when organising a cycle race.”
Andy Wylde ST IVES CC
“Good. I wish all race organisers (and maybe even TT organisers...!) would use it.”
“Easy to use - very straightforward. Would recommend to other users.”
Mary Penfold
“Great way to enter races”
Stuart McGhee
“Very good, they keep you up to date with changes and are quick to respond to questions.”
“Good. I wish all race organisers (and maybe even TT organisers...!) would use it.”
“Excellent! Great way to enter events and totally stress free”
Nev Martin
“Very easy to complete the booking and had confirmation promptly, giving me further information about the events taking place over the weekend. Excellent service.”
Andy Baxter
“Everything seemed very straight forward and easy for a technophobe like me. Great stuff!!”
“Guys keep the good work up excellent service only for you guys I would not know about half of the bike races going on”
Cliff Steele
“The experience was very quick & easy not a problem to someone who is not used to computers.”
John Gemmell
“great, a very well run setup that I will use more in future”
(Name supplied)
“It's very easy to enter races and pay the entry fees. You can also easily keep track of what races you've already entered and what races you're team-mates are doing via the profile pages.”
Christopher Sharrock
“Great idea and good execution. Would be great if BCF would use you for all events.”
(Name supplied)
“really easy and efficient, I wish ERRL had the same service”
(Name supplied)
“Speedy and excellent support as always Cheers Nat”
Bill Fitzgerald
“hassle free no problems whatsoever”
David Dalziel
“It's always a pain-free experience entering events via Rider HQ. I wish completing some of the races was as easy...”
(Name supplied)
“Excellent as always.”
Gary Puttock
“Very good - the system works well and is quick with no faffing so all good by me!”
Glenn Campbell
“Fantastically helpful, I asked to move a race entry less than 24 hrs before the race and this was done with no questions asked.”
(Name supplied)
“Very quick and easy.”
(Name supplied)
“Easy to log in and enter a race, this is the first system I have used for race entry and I would be keen to sign up for other events using this system.”
(Name supplied)
“Excellent, simple, fast, safe payment, clear”
Karla Boddy
“Absolutely brilliant. Quick and easy to use, saves time and money.”
Jerzy Kuzminski
“Experience was straight forward, quick and painless!”
Martin Williams
“No nonsense. Quick and effective.”
Martin Osman
“Great way to enter events. So much easier and quicker than filling in forms and posting. And instant notification that your entry has been accepted.”
Robin Parker
“Very quick easy to use. Nice to know the refund option is there.”
(Name supplied)
“The sign-up process was quick and easy with no problems at all. Plenty of information about the rides on the website. Like they say "does what it says on the tin".”
(Name supplied)
“Very good, if only you could enter more races using this site then perhaps there would be more entries. It was so easy!”
Milt Warner
“Very quick and easy to use.”
(Name supplied)
“Great real simple easy to use for a complete beginner 5*”
(Name supplied)
“Sweet as a nut, like tropicana.”
(Name supplied)
“Fantastic! A vast, vast and long overdue improvement to the old pen, paper & post method. Recommend anytime - if only more event organisers would use online entry...”
Joe Godding, San Fairy Ann CC
“Brilliant way to enter races. Hope more organisers adopt this method.”
M A Hill, ODLS.COM Racing
“RiderHQ is a fantastic resource and has really simplified race entry. It has also boosted pre-entry numbers for races considerably meaning most have over subscribed fields. This gives added value to race organisers and competitors alike. I now use RiderHQ for all race entries supported by the site.”
Geoff Luen, San Fairy Ann CC
“excellent pour payer a l'etranger”
Jean-Paul Leplumey, Kent International Para Cycling Championships
“Effortless & very convenient.”
“Quick and easy will use it again”
“So much easier than sending in paper entries and cheques. It would be great to see more events using this site.”
“Very good and efficient.”
“Good - straightforward”
“Simple and easy to use and in personal contact the nicest people to deal with ”
“Easy peasy ”
“very impressive service and web site. ”
“Very easy and quick - no complaints. ”
“Worked very well. Quick and easy”
“Quick, Easy, Secure, will use again”
“User friendly website, very easy to secure place in race and immediate update on website. Will definitely be using this website again and again! : ) ”
“What A great way to sign up for events no worries about EOL. ”
“good, easy to enter system and excellent event. look forward to the next one. ”
“very good and simple it makes entering races so much easier more organisers should sign up it would make their life easier too ”
“It was exceptional.”
“Really easy and a pleasure to use! ”
“Easy and efficient”
“Did what it said on the tin - no problems, and much more convenient than sending off a paper entry. Recommended. ”
“excellent highly recommended, fast, quick, perfect. ”
“This is the way race entry should be...welcome to the future !!!! ”
“Nice and simple to use, much better than snail mail ”
“Effortless & very convenient”
“very good site. makes planning events so much easier. ”