The Specsavers Surrey Youth Games is the largest youth sport festival in the County.

The aim of the Games is to introduce participants to a new sport and encourage them to continue in a community setting or club after the Games.

You are registering to support the Games.
The information you provide helps us look after you and communicate more efficiently with the hundreds of volunteers and organisers.

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Specsavers Surrey Youth Games Staffing


Date 23-JUN-2018 to 24-JUN-2018

Specsavers Surrey Youth Games Volunteering

Every year parents, young people and coaches volunteer to help make the Specsavers Surrey Youth Games happen. Whether you want to enjoy the buzz, make friends or develop your skills, we have an opportunity for you! In our survey, all of last year's volunteers said they felt proud to be involved.

In 2018, the Specsavers Surrey Youth Games are taking place on Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 June at the Surrey Sports Park. There are also volunteering shifts for event set up on Thursday 21 and Friday 22 June plus opportunities for young people to do work experience in the week leading up to the Games.

You will be volunteering alongside the Active Surrey Team and Sports Organisers and between us we will run more than 12 sports and 22 events. You'll help bring together all the boroughs and districts of Surrey, for the largest youth sports festival in the County.

If you have any questions about volunteering please contact:

As a volunteer you will receive:

- a t-shirt

- a packed lunch

- free tea, coffee and water

- reasonable travel expenses reimbursed

- a Specsavers goodie bag

* Mobile Telephone Number
e.g. 0208 123 4567
* Postcode
If your are under 18 years of age please enter your date of birth:
Would you be interested in work experience as part of your education? Active Surrey can provide a week of set up experience with the event team (18-22 June 2018, 9am-5pm located both in central Woking and Surrey Sports Park, Guildford).
We will be in touch with you.
* Emergency Contact Name
* Emergency Contact Telephone
Contact telephone number in case of emergency e.g. 0208 123 4567
* Do you have any medical conditions?
This includes any allergies, illness or injuries that may affect you.
Do you have any dietary requirements that need to be considered for your packed lunch?
E.g. Vegetarian, Gluten-free
* You will be provided with a t-shirt or polo shirt, please select your size:
* Please tell us why you would like to volunteer at the Specsavers Surrey Youth Games.
* Have you previously or do you currently volunteer?
This is not essential.
* Do you have any sports coaching, scoring, officiating, leadership awards/qualifications or specific skills?
There are a variety of volunteer roles. Here are brief descriptions and an idea of the days/times. Exact times will be confirmed when shifts are allocated.

Meet & Greet -
Welcoming participants and their families as they arrive and directing them to their sports.

Sports Helper -
An active role helping with the set-up and running of a sport. Ideal for young leaders and anyone wanting to develop sport delivery skills.

Sports Liaison Officer -
A responsible and rewarding role supporting the Sport Organiser with managing the competition. Training provided.

Marshalling -
The role includes welcoming arrivals at the Park & Ride, directing arrivals to drop off passengers and directing officials and blue badge holders to parking.

Flexible Event Helper -
I'm happy to help wherever you need me to make it happen - I could be sorting out sports equipment, distributing packed lunches, getting ready for the Guest Reception or dealing with a queue of young people.

Event Crew -
Join the hands-on team that sets up and packs up event signage and sports equipment. How quickly can you build a Samba goal or a pop-up tennis net?! Thurs/Fri shifts ideal for team-building with work colleagues. Weekend crew get the event buzz.

Business Support -
No sport experience required. Helping with registration desk, interviewing and gathering insight, coordinating volunteer uniforms, radios and lunches.

Van Driver -
You need to have a licence to drive an H1 van and you will be covered by Surrey County Council Insurance. We'll provide more information if you are interested in this role.

* After reading the role descriptions above, please select what volunteering roles you would like to do?
Meet & Greet
Sports Helper
Sports Liasion Officer
Flexible Event Helper
Event Crew
Business Support
Van driver
You may select more than 1 role.
Are you available for any other times over the weekend that is not covered in the above?
Please state clearly days and times you are available.
* The Volunteer Training Evening will be on Monday 4 June at 6pm - 9pm hosted by Surrey Sports Park, in Guildford. We will provide a friendly induction and training for all volunteers. Please indicate your attendance.
Please tick to give permission for photographs/video footage. We occasionally take photographs/video footage for publicity purposes in printed material, on our website and on social media.
* Please tick to confirm that you have read the Accident/Incident Reporting Diagram below and understand the part you play in safeguarding the participants. Copies of the document will be provided on the Games weekend.

Please right-click on the link below and select open in a new tab (so that you do not loose your responses so far) and read the Accident/Incident Reporting Diagram.

* Please tick to acknowledge how YOUR data is used and your rights. See below.

  • Who we share your data with - Team Managers
  • Who we share your data with - Event and Sports Volunteers
  • Who we share your data with - Sports Organisers
  • Who we share your data with - Borough Team Organisers
  • Photo Permission
  • Data Storage
  • Data Storage Duration
  • Withdrawal of consent

Who we share your data with for Team Managers

Active Surrey will share your contact details with Borough Team Organisers and Sports Organisers for the purposes of organising the competition; and share your medical, allergy, disability and emergency contact information with the event first aid professionals; and if you are involved in a medical or safeguarding incident, will share this information with the Emergency services and Surrey Sports Park safeguarding staff.

Who we share your data with for Event and Sport Volunteers

Active Surrey will share your contact details with the Sports Organiser for the purposes of organising the event; and share your medical, allergy, disability and emergency contact information with the event first aid professionals; and if you are involved in a medical or safeguarding incident, will share this information with the Emergency services and Surrey Sports Park safeguarding staff.

Who we share your data with for Sports Organisers

Active Surrey will share your contact details with Borough Team Organisers and Team Managers for the purposes of organising the competition; and share your medical, allergy, disability and emergency contact information with the event first aid professionals; and if you are involved in a medical or safeguarding incident, will share this information with the Emergency services and Surrey Sports Park safeguarding staff.

Who we share your data with for Borough Team Organisers

Active Surrey will publicly share your professional mobile number and e-mail address for the purposes of organising the event. Active Surrey will share your medical, allergy, disability and emergency contact information with the event first aid professionals; and if you are involved in a medical or safeguarding incident, will share this information with the Emergency services and Surrey Sports Park safeguarding staff.

Photo permission

If you do not give photo permission, Active Surrey will share your name with the professional photographers and Sport Officials and provide you with yellow wristbands to help ensure you are not included in any official photographs. Please note the withdrawal of photo permission will mean you will not appear in any official team or medal photos.

Data storage

You data will be stored securely by Active Surrey, (on servers hosted by Surrey County Council), and our online registration provider, Rider HQ, on servers within the EU.

Data storage duration
  • Anonymised volunteer and official registration (with name and address details removed) will be kept for 3 years for evaluation and statistical purposes.
  • Medical, disability and safeguarding data shared with Sports Organisers (in charge of each event) and first aid professionals over the Games weekend will be distributed and returned at the end of the Games weekend. These separate records will be securely destroyed by the end of the week following the Games weekend.
  • Photo permission data will be kept for 3 years to help manage image use.
  • Your name, e-mail address, sport and borough (if applies) will be kept for a maximum of 13 months to allow us to contact you for one-off feedback on your experience for this year for the purpose of improving future Games; alert you about next years Games; and advise you of any new local opportunities relevant to you. Responses from the feedback will be anonymous.
  • Active Surrey is also required to retain details relating to any medical or safeguarding incidents or accidents that occur as part of the Games weekend or training.
Withdrawal of consent

You may contact Active Surrey via to request that your personal data is amended or deleted. You have a right to ask for your record to be deleted.
* I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions below.

Specsavers Surrey Youth Games is delivered and managed by County Sports Partnership Active Surrey. Further details on Active Surrey can be found at

These terms and conditions relate to the training, trials and selection along with the weekend Games.


The Event: Includes training, trials, selection and the weekend Games

Event Official: Most senior person of authority in that setting

Stakeholders: All Borough and District Councils within Surrey; their representatives, volunteers or contracted third party users. National Governing Bodies/Surrey County Associations for Sports.

Event Organiser: Active Surrey or Stakeholders

Medical information and treatment

You are required to advise the event officials prior to the start of the event of any pre-existing medical condition, disability, relevant medications being taken and allergies that may be relevant in the administration of any medical assistance, including your ability to support the event. Information may be shared with medical assistance staff. It is your responsibility to ensure you have any medication relating to pre-existing conditions that you may need. You are confirming that should you require any medical treatment during your attendance at the event, whether before, during or after the actual event, such treatment may be administered by the events official personnel.

No pets are allowed at any of the training or competition venues, except Guide Dogs.

Event Organisers decisions

Decisions made in respect of the event (whether in respect of safety, organisation, management, timings, placings, rules, regulations and guidance or otherwise) by Active Surrey and the event officials are final and binding on all participants.

Cancellation of the event and limit of liability

We reserve the right, in our absolute discretion, to cancel, delay, move to an alternative venue or postpone the event due to unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances out of our reasonable control. In such cases we will endeavour to inform participants, stakeholders and volunteers as quickly as is possible. Where the event has to be cancelled, delayed, moved to an alternative venue or postponed due to circumstances outside of our reasonable control (including (but not limited to) the avoidance of doubt due to adverse weather, ground conditions or as a result of instructions from the emergency services) we shall not be liable for any inconvenience, expenses, costs, losses or damages suffered by participants.

Photography Policy

Active Surrey understands the importance of being able to share the successes of the children present. It is also important that children feel happy with their achievements.

However, with this there come risks to make you aware of:
  • children may be identifiable when a photograph is shared with personal information
  • direct and indirect risks to children and young people when photographs are shared on websites and in publications with personal information
  • inappropriate photographs or recorded images of children
  • inappropriate use, adaptation or copying of images
Therefore, to combat these risks Active Surrey has taken the following precautions:
  • we have asked for parental/guardian consent for all children via the registration process
  • we will only use images with parental consent for promotional and organisational purposes
  • we will brief any invited press or professional photographers
  • we will not allow photographers unsupervised access to children
  • we will provide yellow wristbands/tape to those who cannot be photographed/video and advising and challenging spectators about the restrictions around photographing participants identified by wearing yellow
In addition Active Surrey asks everybody to adhere to the following Photography Policy (this applies to officials, volunteers, participants and spectators regardless of whether you are using a mobile device or camera):
  • ensure anyone in your care who does not have photography/video permission is wearing a yellow wristband/tape
  • do not take any photos of children with a yellow wristband
  • ensure all photographs and any online descriptions or comments are appropriate and respectful to those in the image
  • ensure you have consulted every child in the image about the use of the photograph and have obtained permission to use the image
  • do not use childrens names in photograph captions
  • do not share on social media or tag other people
Photography and Video recording taken by Active Surrey or by an organisation on behalf of Active Surrey will be used for promotional materials via social media, brochures, website, newspapers/magazines etc.

Above all, if any participants, parents, volunteers, officials or others involved in the event have ANY concerns relating to images or their use please ensure you report this to our Active Surrey safeguarding officers: Lawrie Baker- 07791 383733 or Flaminia Martin- 07972 188695.

This policy forms part of our safeguarding measures. For more information about Active Surrey guidelines on Child Welfare and Safeguarding please go to:

We take the safety of all competitors seriously and appreciate your assistance in this matter.


Volunteering or officiating at the event is entirely at your own risk and by registering for the event you acknowledge that those involved in the organisation and staging of the event shall not be liable for death, injury, loss or damage arising from participation in the event save to the extent that it is caused by their negligence.

Young Volunteers

The consent of a parent or legal guardian shall be required in respect of any participant under the age of 18 in the following terms.

Consent Statement for Parents and Legal Guardians

My child is in good health and I consider them capable of volunteering at the Specsavers Surrey Youth Games. I understand I am responsible for my child at all times.
Download the Volunteer Poster here and share with your friends.

Don't forget to save the Volunteer Training Evening, 4 June at 6pm - 9pm, and your event role days in the run up to and over the weekend 23-24 June 2018 in your diary!