Willesden CC Reliability Ride

Rides in the Chilterns with a start close to London. A gentle 50km or a challenging 100km

Date 17-FEB-2019
e.g. 99 Stanley Terrace
e.g. 0208 123 4567
e.g. 21-Sep-1961
Contact telephone number in case of emergency e.g. 0208 123 4567
Terms and Conditions of Entry

I understand that:

  • The event is not a race or trial of speed.
  • I am expected to follow the rules of the road and show consideration to other road users.
  • During the event I am on a private excursion on the public highway
  • The route is on open public roads.
  • The route is waymarked in part only
  • I am responsible for my own safety and conduct.
  • Some routes/conditions may be arduous.
  • Neither the organiser nor Willesden CC provides a rescue service.
  • I am responsible for my own navigation
  • Entry fees are not refundable.
  • If I am a parent or guardian of an under 16 rider, I will accompany that rider throughout the event and provide a signed consent form to the organiser.
  • If I am 16 or 17, I can only ride the event if my parent or guardian has submitted a signed consent form to the organiser.
I agree that I understand and will abide by the terms and conditions required by Willesden CC (WCC) for the safe participation in this activity and to act responsibly and adhere to the rules of the road and countryside. Marshals, if they are used, are solely to indicate the direction and it is my responsibility to ensure that any manoeuvre is carried out safely. I hereby maintain that I am fit and healthy enough to participate in the activity described above and my cycle is in a safe, legal and roadworthy condition.