The St. George's Sportive

Date 26-APR-2020
£29-32 £31-34 (from 26-APR-2020)

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e.g. Finsbury Park CC
e.g. 99 Stanley Terrace, London
e.g. W12 8QT
e.g. 0208 123 4567
e.g. 21-Sep-1961
Contact telephone number in case of emergency e.g. 0208 123 4567
Base price £31 with price adjustments shown for each option
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Terms & Conditions

In entering this event, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

Bookings are final once payment has been received. No further information is sent out by mail. Pre event information for all events will be sent out within the two weeks prior the event date.

Due to administration costs, no refunds will be given on individual event bookings of less than £20 unit value. For bookings of greater than £20 unit value, refunds outside of 90 days from the event will be charged a £10 administration fee. Refunds inside of 90 days and outside of 30 days will be charged a £15 administration fee. Alternatively, you may be offered a full or partial credit against a future event at the organisers discretion. Any transfer granted must be agreed within one week of being offered. If the value of the cancelled event exceeds the value of the replacement event, no further refund or credit balance will be issued. Once issued, a transfer is final and cannot be rolled on for a second time. Refunds or transfers will not be issued inside the period of 30 days prior to an event.

In the circumstances of the organisers cancelling this event due to reasons of their own making, a full transfer or refund will be offered. In the event of extreme weather or similar circumstances outside of the organisers control, the organisers will attempt reschedule or relocate the event if it cannot proceed on it's original date or venue. Participants unable to attend the rescheduled event can request a transfer to another event in the next 12 months, as notified by the organiser. This will also apply to all participants if the event cannot be rescheduled and has to be cancelled.  Where injury or circumstances not of the organisers making cause a participant to cancel a booking, and where the organisers are still in honour of their obligation to supply the event place booked, the organisers reserves the right to refuse a refund or transfer. Customers are recommended to take out appropriate holiday, events or sports insurance to cover losses arising from such situations.

You will read and abide by the event instructions as provided by the organisers.

This ride takes place on open public roads and / or rights of way. Full road laws and access by-laws apply to all riders at all times; no special dispensation or otherwise is granted by either the organisers or highway authorities. Dangerous or illegal riding, or abusive or aggressive behaviour may result in ejection from the event or further action.

In entering this event, you agree to abide by these laws, and to behave in accordance with the practices and procedure for the event as laid out in the pre event information made available to all participants.

Event entrants may be photographed or filmed for promotional purposes. By entering this event, you agree that your image may be used for such purposes.

Both off road cycling and road cycling are activities that may involve a risk of accident or personal injury by their nature. By entering this event, you are agreeing to participate voluntarily and at your own risk and will be expected to take responsibility for riding safely and within your own ability. The organisers and their suppliers will take no responsibility for any accidents or damage caused by third parties or by failure to adhere to these terms and conditions. Vehicles and other property brought to this event are brought at your own risk and their security and safe keeping are your responsibility. By entering this event you expressly state that you will make no claim against the organisers or the suppliers for the above stated.
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