Midsummer Murder 10

Date 27-JUN-2021
£25 +service fee

More info: Event details www.racinglinerunning.co.uk/

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e.g. 0208 123 4567
e.g. 21-Sep-1961
Enter your UKA license number
e.g. Finsbury Park CC
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Terms and Conditions of Entry

I agree that I enter this event at my own risk, although I do understand that the event organisers will act properly and diligently to reduce risk of any injury or loss to any participant.

The organisers will not issue any refunds on entry fees, and in the exceptional circumstances whereby the organisers have to cancel the event, entries will be deferred to the following year or re-arranged date in this instance only.

Please note that refunds will not be issued in the event of a force majeure, for example, but not limited to, foot & mouth and coronavirus pandemics.

Entries cannot otherwise be deferred, however I may swap my entry to somebody else (should I not be able to attend) until two weeks prior to the event. In which instance I agree to inform the event organisers of the entry swap.

If you do not wish to adhere to these terms we would politely ask you not to take part in the event.

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