Covid Survey 2021

* answers are required for these questions
e.g. 21-Sep-1961
Contact telephone number e.g. 0208 123 4567
Within the last 14 days have you been unwell with any of the following symptoms:
above 37.8 C
including being contacted by NHS Test and Trace
If yes, please provide details.
  • If you were hospitalised due to COVID-19, you should undergo a form of health screening prior to taking part in a cycling event. This screening is best led by a doctor with specialist training in sports medicine. However other doctors may feel competent to make decisions on your fitness to compete and to decide any appropriate investigations that might be required.
  • If you were not hospitalised due to COVID-19, but self-isolated having shown symptoms at any time, you are also recommended to undergo a form of screening.
  • If you have felt entirely well during the pandemic, you are not routinely recommended to undergo health screening, but it is something to be considered as part of your normal health monitoring for the health-conscious competitor.

Your GP should be able to guide you on what level of screening you may require, and who is the best person to assist you in the process.

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