Latest updates to RiderHQ (March)

Dear event directors and group owners

Here's a quick look at what we've been working on for you this month:

Advanced sorting

Waiting lists

You can now sort your entry list (and start sheet) by any combination of the fields on your entry form - for example by team and then name, or BTF members first, then ticket number...

Our new waiting list system is designed to keep your event full when you make refunds or move entrants - it's fully automatic, you just need to switch it on...

Bulk entries discount

Start sheets

Offer a discount for entering more than one of your events in one go - you set the percentage and we'll take care of the rest, we'll also add a discount flyer to your entrant's basket page...

We've revamped our start-sheet generator to be easier to use and more flexible - you can now include any of your entry form fields, sort by anything, print by ticket number and settings are remembered across all your events...

Read about more of our features on the RiderHQ Blog or see our features page for an overview.

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