Latest updates to RiderHQ (October)

Dear all

This month saw the return of two very popular cross races: Rapha Super Cross (Belgian-style cross: beer tents, cowbells star riders and big crowds in three venues across country) and Rollapaluza's Knog Muddy Hell Halloween Cross  (floodlit night-time race, crowds and a course through the beer tent, at Herne Hill). Both were oversubscribed very quickly and there was lots of activity on the waiting lists with entrants queuing for more spaces. 

Congratulations to both organisers on bringing a fantastic couple of events to the cross calendar.

Meanwhile, here's some of what we've been working on this month at RiderHQ:

Event activity emails

What makes RiderHQ different

We can email you a summary of event activity for your events each day if there is anything to report: entries, moves and refunds with links for more detail

At the heart of RiderHQ is our smooth entry process - here are some of the things that we do differently to other entry systems

Start sheet emails

Enter someone else

We now automatically email you a start sheet when your event entries close, pre-formatted and ready to print (PDF), so you can see the field at a glance and forward to your team 

A small refinement: lots of the Muddy Hell and Super Cross entries were from people entering their children or team mates, so to make this easier we added a way for them to change the details of the entered rider after having paid

Read about more of our features on the RiderHQ Blog or see our features page for an overview.

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Nat Spurling