Latest updates to RiderHQ (November)

Dear all

Many new events this month, and entries for the 2013 Kentish Killer opened again on the 3rd to ferocious demand: 500 entries in the first 3 days and all sold out (1,000) places in just under three weeks.

Here's some of what we've been working on this month at RiderHQ:

Optional sections on your entry form

5-minute 'set up your event' guide

Extra questions can appear when you select something on your entry form, for example a 'guests' section if an entrant chooses accommodation, or 'membership ID' if they are a member of an organisation ..

Here's a short intro to setting up your event on RiderHQ - that will take up very little of your time and give you a flavour of how our system works...

Charitable donations and gift aid

League of Veteran Racing Cyclists

We're often asked about collecting charitable donations at the same time as entries, it's pretty straightforward to add a dropdown to your entry form, here's how to set up gift aid as well so entrants are more likely to opt in to it 

After the success of this year's 'prototype' LVRC National Champs, we'll be managing online entry for more LVRC events in 2013 - here's a short primer on how set things up so your LVRC entries run smoothly 

Read about more of our features on the RiderHQ Blog or see our features page for an overview.

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Nat Spurling