This month's new features on RiderHQ: automatic opening, instalments, pre-entry waiting lists, reports...

Dear all

Happy New Year! We hope you all had great Christmases? Our December saw the return of the popular Imperial Winter Series at Hillingdon and befpre the year ended we welcomed Beyond The Ultimate's awesome series of international events

We are looking forward to 2013, and thought some of our new features could tickle your fancy, particularly if you're organising or planning large events or series - get in touch if you'd like to discuss your own requirements - we'd love to hear from you. 

Collect entry fees in instalments

Automatically open entries

Give entrants the option of paying their fee by instalments, leave it to us to track their payments and collect subsequent instalments automatically...

Set a time and we'll open entries automatically: create a feeding frenzy by building up to the big date in your marketing, but save yourself the trouble of having to be there to push the button...

Pre-entry waiting list 

Improved payment reports

If you are opening entries on a particular date you can allow people to add themselves to a waiting list for places: they get entry priority and a notification when spaces are available and you get to build up demand in advance...

We'll now show you price adjustments and totals for all your entry form options directly on your live payments reports, so you can tell at a glance what to write on the charity cheque... 

We would also be grateful for any support you can give us in spreading the word about RiderHQ - we are getting great feedback about our tweets for instance so please follow us if you don't already, and feel free to recommend us to your followers, or indeed any other event organisers that you think we should speak to.

Lots more features and info on our RiderHQ Blog and see our features page for high level view.

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Nat Spurling