RiderHQ new features: BOGOF, background images, date checks and sorting reports

Dear all

February saw snow, rain and bitter weather, but we were lucky enough to get out to a sportive on one glorious spring day from where we got the new default background for our sportives 10 points for guessing the event, and 100 if you can name the hill (scroll down to see it) ;)

Here's what we've been up to lately:

Buy one get one free

Background images

A popular style of discount on everything from fruit to spectacles - now you can set up an offer like this in a couple of minutes for your entrants - we'll handle the logistics....

Some of our best-looking events were using custom-integration to add high-quality background images - so we built it in for everybody to use: images load separately for performance and are present throughout the checkout process...

Future date validation 

Sorting reports

One membership secretary wanted to ensure that when people put their insurance details on the joining form, the expiry was actually in the future, so we added future/past validation for dates that works everywhere ...

One organiser recently had to shrink their field, and had to quickly email the last 10 entrants - the work of a moment using SuperReports and the new sorting feature...

We would also be grateful for any support you can give us in spreading the word about RiderHQ - we are getting great feedback about our tweets for instance so please follow us if you don't already, and feel free to recommend us to your followers, or indeed any other event organisers that you think we should speak to.

Lots more features and info on our RiderHQ Blog and see our features page for high level view.

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Nat Spurling